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Harding University


The mission of the College of Business Administration is to prepare Christian business professionals for lives of service. The following specific objectives have been adopted in order to accomplish the mission above.

  • Prepare students for service and leadership roles in church, family, and community
  • Provide students with a good understanding of business principles and concepts
  • Equip students for their chosen professions
  • Assist students in securing satisfactory employment upon graducation

Information Systems


There has never been a better time to further your learning in Information/Technology. The job market is being radically restructured and having a background in Data/IT is a proven way to protect your job and advance in your career.

Information Systems


Technology and Business are two of the most powerful influences in the world today. Individuals who can turn data into business intelligence are in high demand. The Information Systems Major consists of liberal arts requirements, the business core, the IS core and a selected minor in one of the 5 areas listed below.

Undergrad Minors

Data Analytics


The big data/analytics minor equips graduates with the skills to effectively identify the value of data analytics in the business context and bridge the gap between the technical expertise of data scientists and the operational expertise of marketing, supply chain, risk, and other front line managers.

Data Analytics Undergraduate

All of the minors have merit and you may actually end up working in a different area to your minor. You have the IS core and other classes to give you a sound IS foundation, so don't stress too much over this decision.

Network Security


As the world becomes more digital and connected the need for security increases. This minor helps prepare graduates for the CompTIA Security+ certification as well providing a holistic view of information security policy, and risk. By 2020 there are expected to be approx. 1.5million unfilled security jobs in the US.

Network Security Undergraduate

Project Management


Project management, is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements. From 2017 to 2027 project management jobs are projected to grow 33% globally in 11 key countries. This minor prepares the student for CAPM certification.

Project Management Undergraduate

Systems Analysis & Design


It is the broadest in scope equipping the graduate to enter in many areas of IT. Typical positions are business systems analysts, consultants, and Systems assurance. This minor is typically one of the least technical of the minor options. The curriculum aligns with the body of knowledge covered by the CISA certification.

Systems Analysis & DesignUndergraduate

Application Development


This minor is for students who enjoy coding and application development in the business context.

Application Development Undergraduate

Meet our Professors

Reet Cronk

Chair of Information Systems Department

Degrees: BSc in Medical technology, PhD in Information Systems, and MSc in Molecular Genetics
Years teaching at Harding: 19 years
Fun Fact: I was a wildlife carer in Australia (cared for sick and injured wildlife).

Reet CronkChair of Information Systems Department

Emmie Mercer

Assistant Professor

Degrees: BS Mathematics, MS Management Information Systems
Years teaching at Harding: 10 years
Fun Fact: I am about to begin my Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) in Data Analytics in mid-February.

Emmie MercerAssistant Professor

Jake Stewart

Associate Professor

Degrees: BS Computer Science, MBA – MIS Concentration, PhD Organization & Management – Information Technology Specialization
Years teaching at Harding: 16 years
Fun Fact: I plan to complete the 2,190 mile hike of the Appalachian Trail in Summer 2019.

Jake StewartAssociate Professor

John Stone

Associate Professor

Degrees: BBA in IT, MBA in Organizational Leadership
Years teaching at Harding: 12 years
Fun Fact: I am a part-time police officer for Searcy PD.

John StoneAssociate Professor